Our Products

Our wild caught seafood is sourced exclusively from fishermen committed to the highest quality standards at the point of harvest. Combine this with cutting edge freezing and packaging technology and your customer’s seafood experience will be exemplary, every time.
  • Salmon Color

    Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

    We like to grill this on the back deck of a gillnet vessel on the open ocean, but baked in the oven tastes pretty good too.

    • Single frozen
    • Skin on, boneless
    • Portions or fillets
    • IVP or IQF
    • Variety of flavor profiles available upon request
    • Variety of specs available upon request
  • Salmon Burger Color

    Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Burger

    These cook best when still frozen, so they’re perfect for a weeknight meal.

    • 4 oz IVP
    • Whole muscle sockeye combined with natural spices
    • Gluten free oat bran binder
    • Multiple natural flavors available upon request