Our Process

At each stage of our supply chain we work with partners who allow us to steward products from fishermen’s nets to your fulfillment center as quickly, freshly and cost efficiently as possible. We do this so the value for the delicious seafood shows up where it matters most: on your customer’s plate.

While our supply chain varies slightly based on where our seafood is harvested, this should give you a pretty good idea of how we do it.
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Traceability and responsible sourcing of Wild Caught Seafood are the cornerstones of our wholesale supply model.
  • Traceability and protecting against seafood fraud are increasingly important at both the retail and wholesale levels in the seafood landscape, which is why our partners are transforming seafood product traceability and fraud protection.
  • QR codes on product labels give consumers access to government verified harvest records including date and location of harvest.
  • The platform also serves as a content hub for consumers to explore photo and video content that tells the story of the sustainable wild resource, the fishermen, and the communities that work to bring fish to their table.

Consultation Services

For decades, wild seafood has been commoditized. This has created overfishing and opaque, unsustainable supply chains. These practices, and the public critiques that have resulted from them, overshadow the communities of multi-generational fishermen doing it the right way.

That doesn’t sit right with us. So we’re here to change it.

We believe it’s possible to source seafood from many exceptional fisheries, and to get it at a fair price. That’s our mission and we want to help make it yours too.

  • We apply decades of experience in B2B and B2C Seafood Supply to advise you about every element of the supply chain.

  • Our state-of-the-art technology in filleting, freezing and packaging are available to fit your unique fulfillment model.

  • We collaborate with industry trade and marketing groups to spearhead marketing initiatives on your behalf.

  • We support you with content and messaging to help establish a direct connection between the seafood on your customers’ plates, and the personalities and communities who helped get it there.

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157* 53’ 59” W
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