Our Commitment

Sustainability,   Responsible Sourcing,   Traceability

Remarkably, in the summer of 2019 over 56 million wild Sockeye salmon returned to the pristine waters of Bristol Bay. We applaud the stewardship that the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has provided to the Bristol Bay region. Wild salmon is the lifeblood, the core asset of the Bristol Bay region. Decades of scientific research and the development of perhaps, the most comprehensive fisheries management regime in the world supports the ongoing sustainability of this amazing resource, for the communities of Bristol Bay and every industry stakeholder.

All of the Wholesale Wild Caught Seafood we source from Alaskaisthird party certified through the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s RFM program.

This certification, along with other programs available to our customers,provides consumers with what they demand, knowing that the seafood they consume is harvested from a well managed, sustainable resource and the seafood on their plate is the species they ordered; real fish, no fraud. Visit Legit Fish

In recognition of all things Bristol Bay, acknowledging that we have to support responsible stewardship of this astonishing wild salmon resource, we donate 5% of our pre tax profit to the resource advocacy efforts of Alaska Region Trout Unlimited and their Save Bristol Bay campaign.

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Providing a Traceable Source of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon and other Wild Caught Seafood to Retailers and Online Purveyors Nationwide.