About AWCS

Our mission at Alaska Wild Caught Seafood is to give as many people as possible the same opportunity our family has had for the past four decades – to eat delicious, fresh, seafood that connects us to wild resources and hardworking harvesters, all the while supporting a sustainable marine ecosystem.

It’s not an easy mission. But we believe it’s an important one. Besides, we’re fishermen. And fishermen have never been afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work.
Meghan Matt Background

Meghan & Matt Luck

Matt Luck is the Founder of Alaska Wild Caught Seafood. For more than 40 years, he has been fishing in Alaskan waters from SE Alaska to the Bering Sea. Matt’s role in the industry extends far beyond his life as a captain. Over the years he has collaborated with biologists, economists, engineers, state government, and served on the Board of Directors of industry work groups to champion, manage and protect sustainable fisheries in Alaska.

Meghan Luck is Matt’s daughter and partner in the business as the Vice President and Head of Growth at Alaska Wild Caught Seafood. She grew up working on fishing boats with her family in Alaska. After a decade-long career in New York City as a Strategy Consultant Meghan brings her experience managing and growing global business back to the family business.
Meghan Matt

Roni Luck

Roni started spending summer in Alaska in 1978, running her first gillnetter boat the “Sisu” in 1981. Not long after, Matt and Roni met while rebuilding a dock at the Copper River Fishermen's Coop in Cordova, Alaska. From that moment on they’ve partnered in pretty much every Luck family endeavour for the past 40 years.

Ben Luck

Ben Luck spent his childhood working on boats and trying to boss his younger sister Meghan around. Ben spent many years fishing Salmon and Herring on family boats in the waters of SE Alaska, Prince William Sound and Bristol Bay. Today Ben works as a systems engineer in Colorado.

Ben Roni
Meghan, Matt, and Ben aboard the Meg J