Our Wholesale Seafood Supplier Model

As a Wholesale Seafood Supplier our goal is to help companies provide the very highest quality product to the next generation of wild salmon and seafood lovers. Subscription services, meal kit providers, bulk online purchases, all delivered to the customer’s door, represent the new frontier of shopping and fulfillment. This generation of consumer demands a much higher level of engagement with the protein they order and consume. With that said, our goal, our mission is two fold:

  • Provide our customers with the very highest quality, frozen wild caught Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon and other wild caught seafood products. Using the latest freezing, portioning and packaging technology, we give you the options you need to fit your fulfillment model.
  • Support our customers with the assets they need to share the compelling story of Bristol Bay Sockeye and other wild caught seafood products. Through transcript, digital photo and video assets we help you create the connection between the place, the harvester, the resource and the wild salmon and seafood that will find its way onto the dinner tables of your customers.

All of the Wholesale Wild Alaskan Caught Seafood we source from Alaska are third party certified through the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute’s RFM program.

This certification, along with other programs available to our customers. Legit Fish provides consumers with what they demand, knowing that the seafood they consume is harvested from a well managed, sustainable resource and the seafood on their plate is the species they ordered; real fish, no fraud.

In recognition of all things Bristol Bay, acknowledging that we have to support responsible stewardship of this astonishing wild salmon resource, we donate 5% of our pre tax profit to the resource advocacy efforts of Alaska Region Trout Unlimited and their Save Bristol Bay campaign.

Bristol Bay; The Story

Providing a Traceable Source of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon and other Wild Caught Seafood to Retailers and Online Purveyors Nationwide.