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 Fishermen and Family
Working to Supply Your Wholesale Seafood

We are part of a very unique fleet of Fishermen and Family, all independently owned family businesses, dedicated to producing the very highest quality product at the point of harvest. The wild caught Bristol Bay Sockeye salmon we provide to our customers is sourced exclusively from this fleet. 

We spend the months of June and July in the pristine waters of Bristol Bay, Alaska. Tides rise and fall, literally, tens of millions of wild salmon making their way back to their natal streams.  This is our time to harvest; our days and nights are consumed with the rhythm of setting and pulling nets, delivering our catch, maintaining and repairing boat and gear, finding a few minutes for a meal and on a good day an hour or two of precious sleep.

This work, this lifestyle, is our passion. As a Bristol Bay fishing season come to a close there is a feeling of fulfillment, tempered with the blues, as we know our summer family is soon to go separate ways until we reunite for next summer’s season.

Wholesale Fishermen and Family
Wholesale Fishermen Matt Luck


A Conversation with Matt Luck, a longtime Alaskan salmon fisherman and founder of Alaska Wild Caught Seafood 

For more than 40 years, Matt has been fishing Bristol Bay, which is about 450 miles southwest of Anchorage, along with 1,500 independent family-run boats fish Bristol Bay. Corporations are not allowed to fish in the region.

The Bristol Bay region connects to five major river systems where — each year — sockeye salmon return to spawn. Each river system is monitored so that it produces a sustainable amount of fish. The fishing boats are only allowed to harvest fish once the Alaska Department of Fish and Game has determined that the total run is on track to meet escapement goals.

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