Bristol Bay + Wild Sockeye

The Place: Bristol Bay

Alaska’s Bristol Bay is a huge sprawling watershed of winding streams and rivers, vast wetlands and tundra and forests of spruce and alder. This remarkable watershed, combined with the pristine ocean environment into which Bristol Bay rivers flow, create a home to the world’s largest wild, sustainable Sockeye salmon resource. Bristol Bay is truly a National Treasure.

The Fish: Iconic Sockeye

Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon have a ruby red flesh and clean, rich flavor – a delight to a salmon lover’s palate. Sockeye salmon is ideal for grilling, pan-searing, roasting or poaching. The rich, wild taste pairs well with simple fresh herbs and citrus or can be complemented with sauces such as creamy lemon dill, honey sriracha, Asian hoisin or a multitude of other creations.

The Fish: Make Me Healthy

The nutritional benefits of Sockeye salmon are remarkable. Often referred to as a “superfood”, a 5 oz portion of Bristol Bay sockeye contains 30.5 gms of protein, 1580 mgs of omega-3 fatty acids, and more than 100% of the RDA of Vitamin D and B 12.

Recent studies clearly show that consumption of Omega 3s can have positive impacts on cardiovascular health, brain function, anti-inflammatory response, and blood chemistry profile. Read more here

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